About us

Nice to meet you, and welcome on our travel blog

We are the a Dutch family of 4. We’ve been playing with the idea of our own travel blog for years, but we never had the guts to actually go through with it. Just months before we got married in 2016, we decided that our honeymoon to French Polynesia would be the start of our own blog! With our blog we want to inspire you and your daydreams. People often say that you stop travelling once you have kids. We are here to proof them wrong! 

We want to give you real information that you can use to book your own trips. We are not afraid to give our honest opinion about the things we review and we will write everything with our readers in the back of our minds. We are so passionate about travelling that we want to share it with the world, in the process document everything for when we are both old and can’t travel anymore. We hope to meet a lot of you who are just as passionate about travelling as us and we hope that this blog will give us the chance to incorporate travelling and everything involved in our daily lives.

Follow our journey and get ready to Pack Your Suitcases!

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